Take a break…feel good in 100 different ways

  1. Dig a garden
  2. Plant some vegies
  3. Slowly drink a glass of water
  4. Draw a picture
  5. Watch the sun rise
  6. Paint a picture
  7. Join a dance class
  8. Put some boppy music on and dance around the kitchen
  9. Call a friend
  10. Re-read a much loved book
  11. Go for a walk
  12. Have a stretch with your arms up above your head
  13. Light a candle
  14. Have a hot bath
  15. Put a hot water bottle in bed five minutes before you jump in on a cold night
  16. Write a story
  17. Make some music
  18. Listen to music
  19. Pick some flowers
  20. View some art
  21. Have a coffee/tea/milkshake break
  22. Pet a furry animal
  23. Go to the beach and watch the waves
  24. Take a bike ride
  25. Go for a drive in the country
  26. Take deep tummy breaths
  27. Read something new
  28. Be kind to someone
  29. Give someone a compliment
  30. Look at holiday photos which make you smile
  31. Climb a tree
  32. Soak up some sunshine
  33. Plan a getaway
  34. Sit quietly and notice sounds around you
  35. Join a yoga class
  36. Look at a leaf or flower as if you have never seen it before
  37. Go to a market stall
  38. Sniff some perfumes in a shop
  39. Sit on a park bench and take in the scenery
  40. Listen to a relaxation CD
  41. Learn something new
  42. Read some poetry
  43. Sleep in
  44. Stay in your PJ’s all day
  45. Eat a couple of squares of dark chocolate
  46. Fly a kite
  47. Blow bubbles
  48. Watch the clouds
  49. Go for a swim in a heated pool
  50. Take an art class
  51. Take singing lessons
  52. Write a poem
  53. Watch a drama on TV and get engrossed
  54. Colour in a mindfulness graphic
  55. Give someone a hug
  56. Tell someone you know you need a hug
  57. Put a wheat pack on your tummy while watching TV
  58. Learn to meditate – get instructions from youtube
  59. Learn mindfulness and make a list of 20 mindful things to do;
  60. Go for a jog or run
  61. Learn to sew and make a wheat pack
  62. Take a teddy bear to bed
  63. Watch birds from your home as they listen for lawn grubs
  64. Blow a leaf across the table
  65. Try and balance an egg on the table
  66. Walk in slow motion
  67. Every day say three things you are grateful for
  68. Thank the universe for a sunny day
  69. Stand tall and strong and pretend you are a mountain – staying grounded
  70. Get a book on origami from your local library and make swans
  71. Make silver swans ready for your Christmas tree
  72. Make a list of your best qualities – ask friends and family to help
  73. Lie in bed and do some sit ups
  74. Lie in bed and bring your knees up to your chest for a nice back stretch
  75. Get some nice smelly hand cream and put on hands before sleeping
  76. Give yourself an arm massage gently stroking downwards
  77. Give yourself a thigh massage gently stroking downwards
  78. Sing in the shower as loud as you can
  79. Scrub your body with a washer in the shower and follow with nice cream when dry
  80. Paint your nails red
  81. Massage in little circles your hands with hand cream
  82. Clap your hands (applaud) when you see something uplifting on TV
  83. Watch the sun set
  84. Observe a breeze creating movement in a tree
  85. Daydream and make a list of what a perfect day would look like for you
  86. Put some lavender near your pillow to help you sleep
  87. Listen to sounds of silence
  88. Eat a meal slowly and appreciate every bite
  89. Imagine yourself sitting in a courtyard with flowers and trees around you
  90. Remember something funny that happened and smile at the same time
  91. Look at yourself in the mirror and fake laugh for one minute
  92. Squeeze a stress ball
  93. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  94. Pick a leaf and really focus on what it looks like for one minute
  95. Watch a funny DVD and laugh out loud
  96. Congratulate yourself on handling a tricky situation and say “I did my best”
  97. Go to a park with a swing and have a ride
  98. Hold a smooth stone in your hand and notice its colour, shape and coolness
  99. Google ingredients to bake some cookies
  100. Tell someone you love them