Bi-polar Disorder

Specific characteristics: Involves significant periods of both low and high or excited (manic) mood states lasting for at least one week, and be severe enough to noticeably disrupt social and work functioning. Depression can last for weeks or months, with manic periods lasting up to three months or longer.

Physical symptoms Behaviours Thoughts
(Same for depression in depressed state) Increased energy In keeping with the mood state
Decreased need for sleep Increased spending Disorganised, racing thoughts
Increased energy Increased libido often leading to high risk sexual activity Grandiose ideas
Elevated mood Impaired judgement Flight of ideas
Hallucinations and/or delusions Creative and fanciful ideas
Racing speech

Stress can trigger mania and depression so it is important to manage stress. Check out our APPs section for tools to help you manage symptoms. Seeking help from a mental health professional (MHP) would be beneficial and they can help you develop strategies to manage your condition.

The good news is that with treatment, most people with bipolar disorder recover and live productive lives.

Take a look at this website for more information about bipolar disorder:

You can go to this link and find out what it is like to have bi-polar

Remember though, ALWAYS see a health professional like your doctor (GP) to confirm a diagnosis of bipolar disorder – don’t assume you have bipolar disorder when it might be something else.