Action Plan

It’s a good idea to have an action plan in the event you are not feeling well. Take a look at the the Booklet By Students for Students on Depression, Anxiety and Stress , which has a card (one side shown below) that you can cut out and keep in your wallet. If you feel anxious or down, keep it in your wallet or behind your phone cover for safe-keeping. It might help you remember that you are not alone, people care, there is help and you can feel better.

action plan card






What can I put on the card?

The best person to help you fill this out is your student counsellor, social worker or psychologist at your college or TasTAFE.

However, if you want to fill it out yourself, let’s look at the first line:

 I will cope, calm and soothe myself by:

Here, think about the things you do that make you feel calmer or happier such as art, or writing poetry, or playing a musical instrument, or doing some deep breathing or listening to music or doing a mindfulness exercise or singing or going for a walk – you get the picture!   Then just write it in the space provided.  Check out ‘100 ways to feel better suggestions’ by clicking here , or by looking under the Health menu.  Maybe there is something in this list that you hadn’t thought of and would like to try.

I will tell myself (knowing what has helped before):

Here think about what self-talk has helped you in the past or what someone said to you that made you feel better such as “this will pass – I do feel down now, but it won’t last forever, and I have proof of that” or “this is just my anxiety talking” or “this is just my depression talking.”

I will call (a trusted person or health professional):

Here think of who has helped you in the past such as a trusted family member or friend or health professional or organisation such as Kids Helpline and write their phone number in the space provided.

Remember, if you think you or someone you know of, could be in danger and the situation could be life-threatening, take action and contact one of the emergency contacts listed on the website or a trusted person.